03.05.2016 20:00

NEVRIDA at Street Music Festival “Under the Sun”

Dear friends!

In May 14 at 13:00 we’ll play for you at Street Music Festival “Under the Sun”!

All the money will be used for incurable children hearts’ desire!

We can do something really great and good together!

See you!

16.04.2016 20:00

Coming soon…


Dear Friends!

Here we are, dear friends! We’ll be glad to see you at our concerts:

Festival «Colisium Music Week»
53, Ligovskiy avenue, St.Petersburg, “Fish Fabrique” club, April 21 at 21:00

Festival “The Castle of Golshany-2016”
Golshany, Grodno region, Belarus, May 21 at 12:00

Republican National Cultures Festival
Grodno main stage, tatar and bashkir show place, Grodno, Belarus

Historical reconstruction festival “Knights Era”
Belorussian national architectural museum of Culture and Life, Ozertso village, Belarus, June 18-19 at 12:30

VIII International Knights Festival “Our Grunvald”
Museum complex “Dudutki”, July 23-24 at 10:40

See you!

16.04.2016 08:00

NEVRIDA at Colisium Music Week

9th music festival Colisium Music Week

In April, 21-24 2016 in St.Petersburg.

20 concert halls!

More than 80 artists from Russia, Bealrus, Kazakhstan, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Serbia and Israel.

We’ll wait for you, and no one else in Fish Fabrique (53, Ligovskiy avenue, St.Petersburg)

In April 21 at 21:00!!!

02.02.2016 08:00

Nevrida Birthday (Wild Orange Fest)


With the support of the radio “Stalitsa”

In February, 28 at 17:00 in “Music Hall” club (19, Nezavisimosty avenue, Minsk)

The most vitaminous, crazy mini-festival “Wild Orange Fest”!

Music menu:

• picturesque, many-sided By Cry

• original, conceptual Rokash

• vigorous Pawa

• heroes of the occasion, eclectic and mysterious Nevrida!

Faerie live concert, wild crazy dances and pleasant surprises from participants!

You can buy tickets:

• here «Buy tickets»

• here «Buy tickets»

• Also you can buy tickets in “Music Hall” club before the concert.

Phones for details:



08.01.2016 09:00

Medieval Arts and Crafts Festival "Mystery Time"


Medieval fashion show

Fantasy fair

Crafts' master-classes

Medieval board games, contests and dances

Dance and music show program

And plenty more...

Nevrida and all of the above will wait for you in January, 16 at 14:00 (Minsk, Starovilensky Road, 41) Don't miss that!

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