08.01.2016 08:00

The 2015 International Music Award “BELBRAND”



In December 18 in Minsk our Yanina Yakshevich was rewarded with the International Music Award “BELBRAND” in the “folk musical instruments” category.

Laureates were gifted performers at the age of 10 to 31 years from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, and other countries.

They were rewarded by Timur Muratovich Sulejmenov, the Minister of Economy and Financial Policy of the Eurasian Economic Commission.

P.S. you are our pride, Yanina!

21.09.2015 13:00

Radio "Stalitsa" Birthday


Crazy party on the occasion of radio "Stalica" birthday is coming with:

Contests and prizes

Medieval drive

Endless joy

Special guests: Nevrida, Unia, Bulvar, Nagual, Znarock, Mutnaevoka

So, welcome 2015/09/19 18:00 TNT Rock Club (Minsk, Revolucionnaya str., 9)

21.07.2015 13:00

Nevrida at "Our Grunvald Festival"


International knight festival of medieval culture and music "Our Grunvald"

"Our Grunvald" is one of the bigest medieval festivals in Belarus!

See you in Dudutki museum on July 25!!!

Medieval is waiting for you!

21.06.2015 13:00

Nevrida be there !


It will be ve-e-e-ery exciting! we'll wait for you on June 27 and July 4

20.05.2015 12:00

The Carnival at Venice (Estonia)


Hello, Europe, here we are!

Our friends, if you are in Tallinn in May 23, please, take a stroll around the Löwenruh Park (Mustamae tee 59 A) because this is the day when the Carnival at Venice revives in the heart of Estonia.

It will be ve-e-e-ery interesting!

We’ll be waiting for you, don’t miss that!

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