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Участники группы Nevrida

“Nevrida” the Fantasy-folk Project was founded by soloist Pavel Taipov in February 2013.

The genre – synthesis of different musical styles through the prism of the Middle Ages stylization.

The name of the group appeared in honour of the powerful country of Neuri that existed on the territory of the present Belarus and was mentioned by Herodotus in his works in 500 BC. The style was greatly determined by the soloist’s passion for the historical reconstruction.

All creative work of the group is an experiment on the theme: “what would be if medieval minstrels decided to try their hands in modern musical genres”. The compositions are so different sometimes that a question arises: do they really have only one author? Each song is a short story that moves a listener to the times of knights and beautiful ladies, old legends and great battles!

Nevrida’s live performances are always distinguished by atmosphere, energy and quality.

In the musical arsenal of the team besides an electric program there is an acoustic one including cover versions of the medieval songs in an unusual arrangement in addition to the author’s material. There are songs not on only in English, but in Russian, Belorussian and Bashkir.

For this moment there are no folk-groups or any music projects in Belarus where play two “BelBrand Music Award” laureates – Yanina Yakshevich (folk wind instruments, 2015) and Alexandra Aleksiyk (cello, 2016).

Discography: “My Land” (2015)

  • Soloist, author of lyrics and music – Pavel Taipov
  • Arranger, backing vocal, bass-guitar – Sergei Butovskiy
  • Bagpipe, zhaleyka, pipe, flute, Belarusian pipe – Yanina Yakshevich
  • Cello – Alexandra Aleksiyk
  • Electric guitar – Ilya Rogovoy
  • Keys – Dmitriy Chernyshevskiy
  • Percussion instruments – Andrei Soloviev
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